Listening and Hearing: A Nobleman and His Servants

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Jesus was a master teacher and story-teller. This particular parable was based on a historical event that was very familiar to those who heard it. But there were also deeper spiritual meanings associated with this parable. We may acknowledge that Jesus is King, but when it comes to making Jesus King of our lives, that is often a different story.

Jesus told the parable recorded in Luke 19:11-27 as He and the disciples were anticipating going to Jerusalem. But the disciples didn’t realize that Jesus was not going to Jerusalem to take up a crown but to take up a cross. He used this parable to help the disciples understand what He came to do.
In this message, Pastor Mike outlines the return of our Lord, the responsibility of our life, and the reward of our labor.
This message was presented at FBCVA on February 12, 2017.