WHO KNEW? Questions concerning a visit at FBCVA!

Where is FBCVA located?

You’ll find us at 121 E Marshal St Van Alstyne, TX. Click on the Google Map below to get directions!


Is there a place for my children?

We seek to share God’s love with children at every age level whether through action or our lessons. FBCVA teaches children Bible based truths about living a life led by Christ that seeks personal relationship with Him, fellowship and to serve others. Visit our Children’s Ministry page for a schedule, locations and more information.


Is the church wheelchair accessible?

Yes! We have greeters outside our main building on Sunday mornings to help visitors and members utilize the elevator. Our members would be willing to offer any assistance required.


How do I dress?

Please dress in the way you feel most comfortable during worship. The clothing worn by our church varies through the generations. Children and Youth dress casually, often in jeans. Adults tend to dress business casual. The eldest generation dresses up the most! Your clothing isn’t important to God; your willing and open heart is.

Do you offer Bible Study classes?

Bible Study classes happen in the 8:15 (senior adults) 9:30 (children, students, adults) and 11:00 (Adult and Kid’s Church) a.m. We have several classes that vary in age and topic of study available.

Will someone greet me?

Every Sunday one or two members stand at our church steps to welcome you. They are available to direct families to their classes and for any questions that might arise.

What is a Sunday worship service like?

 We begin our service with worship music.  Everyone is encouraged to worship however they feel comfortable; whether that be standing and singing along with the songs as the words are displayed, sitting quietly and reflecting on God’s greatness, or something in between.  Following 15 minutes or so of Praise and Worship, our Pastor delivers a meaningful lesson for about 30-35 minutes followed by an invitation to the altar and a closing song.

Am I expected to give an offering?

Please don’t feel any obligation to participate in the offering. Members and regular attenders give offerings as their way to say “thank you” to God and to further the work of His kingdom through our church.  If you feel comfortable doing so, we invite you to complete the visitor information in our Welcome Guide and place that in the offering plate at the end of the service.

Will I be called out or embarrassed during service?

No, absolutely not!  We care about you and know that a first visit can make a person nervous.  People will likely greet you warmly during the welcome time and before and after church.  We are a loving, welcoming church!  You will not be singled out for special focus.

When does church end?

Usually, an hour to hour and fifteen minutes. People often visit for another 15 -20 minutes after the service ends.

What do you offer during the week?

Check out our Events Calendar to see our schedule for weekly activities and upcoming events. For more information about various ministries in our church, you can also visit our ministry pages.


Do you have further questions?

Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns. Our staff would be glad to help you with any questions you have, or you can contact the church office at 903-482-6334. We hope to see you with us at FBCVA soon!