El Paso Mission Trip

July 13-20, 2019
 These are the core dates, travel to and from El Paso could change based on the groups availability that signup.
Families could arrange later arrival / early departure
Families who are interested please contact Griff for details for families. 
Commitment to Mission Trip Meetings
Students planning on attending this trip need to complete the a commitment form and testimony sheet.
We understand that the summer schedule is busy, however we want participant in this mission trip to understand that the mission starts before even leaving Van Alstyne. There is much to be done to prepare for the week in El Paso. We are asking that students complete a minimum o 20 hours of volunteer work at the church before the trip, along with 8 hours of mission team meetings. On the Mission Application there are three weeks that we have set aside for this volunteer hours and team meetings, and the opportunity to choose.
Prep Week July 8-12
10am-12am and 6-8pm
Any conflicts with these times need to be expressed as soon as possible.