GriefShare Ministry

GriefShare is a biblically-based program designed to minister to the long-lasting, persistent needs of those people who have lost a loved one through death. GriefShare is a seminar/small group program.  GriefShare ministry meets Sunday afternoons in the FBCVA portables. Each weekly session is designed to be self-contained, so if you have to miss a weekly session during the 13 week period, it is all right. The 13 week video based program features respected Christian experts sharing their insight and wisdom on topics important to people in grief. The GriefShare program also includes personal testimonies from people who have lost a loved one. Each person attending will have a workbook which will directly correspond to the video seminars with a note-taking outline for each video session, a daily Bible study on topics introduced on the videos, and a weekly journaling section.  GriefShare is available to anyone at FBCVA and also open to the public. All are welcome so please come and join us

New session starting February 7th, at 2:00pm to 4:00pm in the portables.   These 13-week sessions are free. The cost for a workbook is $15. 

If you, or someone you know is interested, please complete the online form, or contact  the FBCVA office at 903-482-6334.
For more information about this ministry, please visit the GriefShare Website.

GriefShare: “Loss of a Spouse” seminar

The death of a spouse brings a unique kind of pain. People who are widowed haven’t just lost a loved one—they’ve lost an entire lifestyle. “Loss of a Spouse” is a stand-alone, two-hour GriefShare seminar.

This seminar will be held TBD The seminar is free of charge. There will be a short video followed by small-group discussion. Please invite anyone you know that might be in need of this special seminar.