FBCVA Day Trips
designed for but not limited to Senior Adults.
  • September 
  • October 
    • Dallas Arboretum
    • Wednesday, October 23rd,
    • 8:30am departure,
    • 5$ entry will eat lunch on at restaurant on grounds.  (RSVP REQUIRED)
  • November 
    • Thursday, November 14th, 
    • 8:30am departure
    • Kimball / Amon Carter Western Art Museum in Fort Worth (Free museums)
    • The Amon Carter Museum is being renovated and will be a brand new experience. 
    • The Kimball Museum has a cafe that features quiche and sandwiches for $10-14
  • December 
  • * tentative plan, locations could change
  • * Trips are open to all, while these events are primarily for Senior Citizens they are not limited to Seniors. Also, these trips are sponsored by FBCVA, but are not limited to its membership.
  • First Baptist Church church office Lesley at 903.482.6334
    • Call Lesley to let us know you are going or any questions.
  • Trip Leader, Griff Servati, griff@fbcva.com