Easter 2017: Sesame Street Theology

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Mr. Hooper, one of the first human characters on Sesame Street- The actor that played him, Will Lee, passed away in 1982 and Sesame Street faced a dilemma in dealing with the loss of the character. They decided to be direct and say that Mr. Hooper died. Big Bird had drawn a portrait of him and wanted to give it to him when he came back. But one of the other characters told him Mr. Hooper was dead. When people die they don’t come back.
Many people try to apply this to Jesus. People can’t come back from the dead, so Jesus is still dead. Having a “Sesame Street Theology” means our message is meaningless, our witness is worthless, our faith is foolish, and our existence is empty. But does this type of theology apply to the resurrection?
This message was presented at FBCVA on Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017.